Bermuda or St Augustine Grass in Frisco, TX

Choosing the right grass for your yard can be a little confusing. You want the best color, health and feel. can help you choose the best grass for you.

In The Sun

st-augustinegrassBermuda grass is considered the best full sun grass. In the warmer tropical south, during average rainfall years, Bermuda will retain a beautiful green color all year round. This grass can be grown on low to high maintenance schedules depending upon the usage. Lawns planted in Bermudagrass can attain full lawn coverage in just one year. It is not uncommon for seeded or plugged Bermuda grass lawns to be established within 60-90 days. Note that when temperatures drop, to the point of frost, bermuda grass will go dormant and turn brown until temperatures rise again in the Spring and growth resumes.

In The Shade

St. Augustine grass does very well in shade. In the U.S., St. Augustine grass is found from the Carolinas to Florida and westward along the Gulf Coast to Texas and in Southern and Central California. Because of its lack of winter hardiness, St. Augustine grass is restricted to areas with mild winter temperatures. Like bermudagrass, St. Augustine thrives in high temperatures, but the growth of St. Augustine is better than that of bermudagrass in cool, coastal climates.

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