Grass Patch Repair

Dreaded Lawn Spots

No one likes to see a bald spot forming,There are several primary causes of bald spots in your lawn, all of which can be improved with time and effort. Is your lawn struggling with one of these causes of lawn bald spots, it is time for some grass patch repair!

  1. Soil Compaction – When the soil becomes too hard for roots to set in.
  2. Drought – if your grass isn’t getting enough water, it can easily start developing thin or bare spots.
  3. Grass Disease – A tougher fix comes in when the bald spots are caused by common lawn diseases.
  4. Insects – While not all bugs are bad, there definitely are some that can do tremendous damage to a healthy lawn, even resulting in the dreaded bald spot.In our area

Steps for Repair

lawn bald spotBare spots and bald patches are ideal for weed growth, thus weeds will pop up if you don’t act quickly. Spring’s cool, wet weather is conducive to growing many types of turf grass.

  1. Start by digging up the damaged section, plus 6 inches of surrounding, healthy lawn, cutting about 2 inches deep.
  2. Then level the soil and add a small amount of soil amendment, such as a plant-based compost, and starter fertilizer. If you’re using seed, cover it lightly with straw and keep the ground moist until germination.
  3. For sod, which is about 10 times more expensive than seed but tends to work better, cut a section to fit, press it into place, and water frequently until it takes root.

If you find yourself and your lawn in need of a professionals help for repairing your lawn. Don’t hesitate to call for a free custom quote.

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