Small Yard Landscaping Design

small-landscape01Less Is More can work with to provide options  for small yard landscaping design plans. What ever the style or size of your home and yard is, plan with a purpose.

  1. The first question: You should ask yourself before designing a landscape plan for your small backyard is, “What am I going to use this space for?”
  2. The Second Question: Will your backyard be a space for entertaining, complete with a patio, fire pit and fence or privacy hedge? Or is it just a grassy area for kids and dogs to play and get fresh air?
  3. Finally: Perhaps it’s where you use your green thumb for raised beds of tomatoes and cucumbers in the summer?

Starting From Scratch

If your small backyard is hopeless and needs a complete overhaul? Start looking to create a new backyard by removing trees or clearing and leveling land, then you can design your landscape plan on an empty slate. How much shade or privacy do you need? Do you need a fence, wall or other barricades for your small backyard? Think about the size of any trees you’d like to plant at the borders of the yard.  Work your design inward toward your back door. Will there be a lawn, natural ground cover, pavers or concrete? Will you install a new patio or deck/porch? Once you’ve designated these items and hardscapes on your plan, you can start thinking about the plants, water features and other decorative elements that fit your small backyard.

Making Your Small Backyard Seem Larger

small-landscape 01If you’re looking for ways to maximize the space in your small backyard without clearing existing tree or shrubs, then a good cleanup is recommended. You may not be able to expand the square footage of usable space in your backyard, but by trimming everything in sight (including trees) and cleaning out any unwanted brush, leaves, straw, stones or other unwanted debris, you can create the illusion of a bigger yard. If you have a back lawn, make sure it’s edged. A crisp dividing line between grasses and bordering beds works wonders.

Don’t Forget the Flowers

Flowers are welcoming of guest for your home. Where the most frequent visitor is likely to be you. Backyard plantings can be elaborate, but not necessary. Adding a few planters, pots or hanging baskets can add variety to a small backyard and give your landscaping a makeover.  Tips courtesy of

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