Water Procedures for New Sod Grass

When laying new sod, correct preparation and after care are essential for success. Here are some smart ideas that will help you make the most of your investment in new sod for your yard.

1. Start by tilling your soil to a five-inch depth. Smooth it out and angle the surface so that water does not run toward your home.

2. Add an application of a high quality, low release fertilizer.

3. Set up a schedule for laying your new sod. Once you have a section of sod in place, you should start watering it within half an hour for a time period of 2 hours. If you are watering with a sprinkler, this will mean laying your sod in shifts to be sure each section gets proper watering. If you have an underground irrigation system, you can set it in such a way as to begin watering the sections as you finish them.

4. Once in place, your new sod should be watered daily in the morning until it is rooted (approximately 2 weeks). You may also need to water in the afternoon if your area is particularly hot and dry. Once your grass is rooted, you can reduce your watering schedule by half.

5. When your new sod is established and your grass is fully rooted, you can begin mowing gently. Use a push mower and mow only bi-weekly. Set your blades high so as to remove no more than a third of the grass blade.

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