St Augustine

Texas Native St. Augustine grass is widely known by farms that continued to grow the variety, even as marketing programs have introduced various other varieties, as a “hidden gem”. It’s great drought tolerance, cold hardiness and shade tolerance have made it an easy sell at the beginning of the spring season when other types of St. Augustine grasses are still in various stages of dormancy. It’s natural high tolerance to fungus keeps it hearty against common ailments in fall and winter seasons such as “brown patch” and “Grey leaf spot”. Often being one of the remaining varieties found growing naturally in high areas of shade, such as large mots of oaks or various other trees, its ability to handle may of the common issues faced throughout the state is second to few. This rarely available & often forgotten strand of St. Augustine is precisely the reason that so many people in our great state are fans of the St. Augustine variety in the first place. Texas Native St. Augustine is a great choice for both home or commercial lawns. Texas Native is a well-rounded, drought, cold and shade tolerant grass.