What To Do With Tree Stumps

What to Do with Tree Stumps from Landscaping Frisco


Not sure what to do with tree stumps?

Trees are very important in the 21st century society. Despite the fact that we are in the digital age, products from trees are still very essential in our day to day lives. Almost all the items that are used for beautifying the interior and exterior of our homes today are products of trees. In view of this, people constantly cut down tree to make timbers that can be used in different areas to come up with different items or products that will be useful to people in the society. What To Do With Tree Stumps

For every tree that is felled down, there is always a small left over portion of the trunk that houses the roots. This leftover portion to the ground is known as tree stumps, hence refers to the base of a tree that remains standing after the tree has felled.


Most people aren’t happy with Tree stumps around their garden or their property. This is because they think they are eyesores and there is need to get rid of them. However, it is important to note that there are ways Tree Stumps can make your property or garden more beautiful and amazing.

  1. Make a Tree Stump Planter. Getting rid of tree stumps from property has been a challenging task for home owners. Because of the fact that it is very tedious and expensive to uproot stumps from garden. Making a tree stump planter from it will make your home or garden more amazing and fascinating. It is now a common practice among home owners to create planter from a tree stump. Many different plants are grown on the planter to give a beautiful frame around the stump.
  2. Create an amazing fairy garden. Home owners that have children around their properties can design an amazing fairy garden from their tree stump. Children always love fairy gardens especially when they are well designed with windows, doors, roof and ladder. Some people go extra mile to put figures of gnomes and other characters.
  3. Garden Furniture. One of the trends around the world today is creation of garden furniture in the garden or home surrounding. In view of this, home owners can always take advantage of some of the ugly tree stumps. By creating beautiful furniture with the stump, this beautifies the exterior of our homes.
  4. Garden Lightening. Technology unveils new ideas on daily basis, thus one of the ways home owners can use tree stumps to their own advantage is to create a garden lightening from them. The stump beneficial to the home owners as the light created from them will be used to illuminate the garden.

Stump Removal

Have you been thinking of how to get rid of the tree stumps in your garden? Think no more as you can make creative decorative items from them and they give an amazing look to your garden.

If you would rather have the stumped removed, We can grind the stump and level the ground.  This allows a fresh start to have your lawn growing again in place of the tree.

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